Zepp Life App sign in with Google Account fails

Hey there.
I’m new to iodeOS and just installed in on S9+.
So far everything looks good and the phone runs nice and smooth.
But first issue i run into is the Zepp Life App (for Xiaomi Band), which can’t use the google signin feature. It just tells “sign in through third-party app failed”.
I’m stuck there. microG is up to date. Zepp Life app too…
Don’t know where to look for further issues.

Hi, I’m using gadgetbridge from f-droid. It works well with my miband 5.

Thanks for the hint.
But actually i’m pretty much satisfied with the Zepp app and the app itself works fine (when i use another account, registered by mail and not over google account).
It’s just the login process, which seems to fail. I think it’s a “security issue” or such…

You van try to get a logcat and open an issue at microg github issue tracker, if it seems related.