XZ3 and F-Droid

Have installed iode on an XZ3 this evening. Running version 2.2 So far looking good, a bit more polished than the previous secure LineageOS based rom.

I have an issue with F-Droid on the device as soon as I open F-Droid is comes up with a box (F-Droid has crashed) asking for my email to report and keep me informed of any updates.

Have clear cache and app storage but still the same issue, any suggestions?

which version and from where did you get and install the app

What I did is to install aurora droid from the web and then uninstall fdroid from there and then installed it again from the web . The problem was that the new alpha update crash it.

It was the version of F-Droid which was included with the ROM.

I have resolved it this morning by doing a full factory reset and F-Droid is now working this time around.


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Indeed the latest customized FDroid version we recently published has a bug which makes it sometimes crash (and particularly at initial launch or after clearing its storage).
A new version is just out, which can be downloaded here (or updated automatically for those who have a working FDroid): https://raw.githubusercontent.com/iodeOS/fdroid/master/fdroid/repo/FDroid-17.apk
Sorry for the inconvenience…


The problem is that you won’t have access updates to our versions of MicroG, Browser… You should get the fixed version from the message I sent just before.


Thanks have installed the version you linked to, no updates for any apps but is working.