XZ1 - No GPS location is found in apps


I got handed down a XZ1 and installed Iodé and love it so much, so thank you all who contributed !
What I could’nt figure out is how to use navigation apps since none of them are able to use my GPS. It says no location in different ones. Is this because my GPS might be broken (didn’t test it with OG android) or is it some security setting I am not understanding? It is my first device with microg.

Any help is appreciated and thank you!

Maybe you’re referring to NLP (Network Location Provider) and not GPS.
To use GPS : you must be outside, wait a bit to be localized bi satellites etc.
Inside, there’s the so-called NLP localization, using wifi, mobile antennas, bluetooth if activated…
There exists several NLP in microG, actually (but this will change in the upcoming build) we activated only DéjàVu which works offline. It requires to have previously be localized by GPS, and makes it in relation to mobile antennas. You may activate another NLP like Mozilla Location Service.

(but maybe you really have a problem with GPS… let us know)

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Vince, merci beaucoup!
It never came to my mind to go outside to test it, it works as intended now.
Seems like I should do some more reading but thanks to you I learned the difference betwenn NLP and GPS!