Xperia XA2 - iodéOS 2.4 - phone speakers


I have installed iodéOS 2.4 on my Xperia XA2 yesterday without any error or warning.
Everything is fine with the OS, I can call, send messages, install applications…

I have some problems with the speakers and jack :

  • All the phone sounds are ok.
  • There is no problems in call.
  • Speakers are OK in call
  • Multimedia (music, radio, browser…) is ok with bluethooth.
  • But multimedia is not ok with speakers and jack (headset/headphone…)

There is no sound when I try to listen music/podcast with speaker, or when I watch a video
It doesn’t seem to be a hardware issue because it is OK in call. Only the multimedia on speakers and jack are not ok.

I have tried to uninstall iodéOS but the phone is no longer reconized by the computer so I can’t use Sony Flash Tool.

Should I try a more recent beta version of iodéOS ?

EDIT: The jack connection is well detected, I can see that the sounds goes from “this deviec” to “headset” when I plug/unplug a jack.


Hello, I have some fresh news.

I have uninstalled iodéOS and tried the sound. All is OK.
I have reinstalled iodéeOS and the problem is back. It is really a issue with Xperia XA2 and iodéeOS 2.4.

Also, videos are all laggy when audio isn’t connected with bluetooth. From brower (ex youtube, odyssee) or even the galerie.
But when I connect a Bluetooth audio device, the sound is ok AND the video isn’t laggy anymore.

I hope it will help the team to debug the situation.

Good night.

Why not upgrading to 3.0?
Further development will be in 3.0

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iodée3.0 isn’t in the release list for pioneer. And the update app didn’t offer any update until this morning.
I have installed le 3.0 and it works now.

We can close this subject,

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