Xaiomi MI 9 random reboots & Firefox opens randomly


i’ve running iodéOS on my Xaiomi MI 9. The device reboots randomly. The other problem is that Firefox (the iodé fork) opens randomly (To check the internet connection?).

my software version:
Firmware Version: V12.0.5.0.QFAEUXM - 2021-04-25 (latest for Android 10)
IodéOS 1.2
newest TWRP, Magisk, ANXCamera 185

I have no idea what i can do. I’am the only one with that problem?


in our clan run three Mi 9 with iodéOS to our best satisfaction - but without Magisk(!)

I have uninstall magsik but this was not the fix. Do you know the firmware version of the phones?

I’ve log for 8h my phone via logcat. There are always a " Geocoder: android.os.DeadObjectException" bevore the phone reboots.

What are your microg settings for the location backends?

After disabling Nominatim in MircoG the device has no reboots vor 26h! New record so far :slight_smile:

Runs now absolute sable.