"Wrong PIN Shutdown" via the iodé-updater?

In the topic “What’s next? Give us your suggestions!”, I suggested integrating the app Wrong PIN Shutdown because it requires root rights and increases security. Mike Kuketz had written about this (Translated with DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator (free version)):

With the F-Droid app WrongPinShutdown you can retrofit brute force protection on the software side. Within the app you can set after how many failed login attempts the device will be switched off. The default setting is 3 failed entries.

After restarting the device, a potential attacker is confronted again with the PIN or password entry. However, the delays or timeouts are then longer - after several incorrect PIN entries, timeouts of approx. 20 - 30 seconds are generated. After approx. 50 incorrect entries, the message will also appear:

Attention: If the next 9 attempts to unlock the device fail, the device data will be deleted!

If this app is later integrated by iodé, is it possible to simply get the app via the iodé-updater or does iodéOS have to be reinstalled?

Who knows
And who says it will ever come

Is it thinkable that you will integrate WrongPinShutdown? Or perhaps another solution to make it more difficult to try out the PIN?

I don’t think we’ll integrate WrongPinShutdown. However, we may (or not) implement such features in the future, directly in android settings.

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To implement such features directly in android settings is a nice idea! :slightly_smiling_face: I would be happy if this would come in the near or medium future.