Wifi constantly "no internet"

Yes. Both have the same issue. The google phone from my wife works fine :frowning:

Suddenly it works again ?? I didn’t change anything at the phone or router. I am glad that it works again and hope that the error no longer occurs.

iodéOS 3 is now available for FP3 : please report again if the problem reoccurs.

It seems this is somehow a repeating story:)

Since two days i am back on the old issue. “No internet” even though there is internet actually working.
Additionally, it drains the battery consumption quite hard.

Anyone else with the issues (again)?

I hope this will/can be fixed as the last times.
So far i am not aware what caused the trouble nor made it disappear :slight_smile:

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I’ve been having the same issue off and on the last weeks.
It’s been happening at home, at work and at my mothers place. It’s been often enough for me to notice it but not often enough for me to do something about it, yet.

Fairphone 4 with IodeOS 3.2
I am not sure whether the issues actually started with IodeOS 3.2 but it’s possible.

I’ll try to ping http://0.pool.ntp.org/ from another device next time it’s happening.