Wi-Fi drops constantly since 4.0 OTA update


This is my first post here. I hope I’m doing it right.

I just updated my FP4 from iodé 3.4 to iodé 4.0 via OTA. Before, I quickly searched on the web to find any warning about doing this but found nothing.

However, since then, I noticed the Wi-Fi icon went off and back again every 3s. Indeed, going into the settings, mh phone was constantly connecting and reconnecting, not maintaining connection more than a few seconds.

I tried the following, in this order, but in vain:

  • reboot
  • disable iodé app
  • forget every known networks
  • reset wireless settings (from the Settings > Reset panel)
  • change my WiFi password
  • change my WiFi security level (WPA2 AES to WPA3)
  • switch to a 2.4GHz network
  • reboot my WiFi router

I even tried to disable MicroG by removing the Google account I just added after the update (might be important to know).

I will continue to try some combinations of the previously listed actions, but I don’t expect much from this.

Do you think I should downgrade ? How ?

I will provide any missing info, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you very much in advance!

(I do speak French but figured I might have more answers with a post in English, answer me the way you want to)

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iodéOS v4 beta builds of FP4 have been tested by dozens of people, no one reported an issue on wifi, I’m sorry…
What you may try:

  • reboot to recovery, clear cache
  • in settings → applications, display apps, then enable system apps (three-dots menu), look fr vendor.qti.wlan, clear storage
  • open an issue and post a logcat : Issues · iodeOS/ota · GitHub

or maybe another possibility
try to disable captive portal check