Why is Netflix HD working


I’m wondering why Netflix HD works. With the official lineagos on my tablet it doesn’t work. Can someone tell me why Netflix works with iode?

Its likely tied to Digital Rights Management or “DRM”

Thanks for your replay my phone and my tablet are Widevine L1. But they also check the open bootloader. Both are open my iode OS phone runs netflix in fullhd. But my plain LineageOS tabet not.

I don’t know why.

Interesting. And both are run via Netfix’s app? You are not streaming through a browser on either?

Also…I would check Lineage’s pages for support. If you get an answer please share.

In my netflix app (Galaxy note 9, iode 2.0) there is only SD :frowning: It doesn’t make for a very pleasant viewing experience, but I guess there’s no way to change that on this phone :(. @Andy Maybe it depends on the device manufacturer?

I have now updated my Xaiomi MI 9 to iodeos 3.1 and my Widevine L1 has gone to L3. :frowning_face:

This upgrade of mi 9 to android 12 is a transitioning one, using an unofficial device tree. The lineage staff is actually working hard on including mi 9 and all snapdragon 855 variants into lineage: there may be many improvements.