Why iode compared on other roms

Good afternoon,

As a pixel user who just value my privacy.

what would be the pros over using iode compared to the other options pixel users have?

(ive used iode in the past with my very old s9 so im not completely new)

Hi @RalloTubbs , this sort of question is difficult to answer but I will say the main attraction for me are the unique blocker app and the ability to uninstall many of the preinstalled apps.

You could look at this comparison table for more insights:


As a pixel user I think I would first try with GrapheneOS. That seems to be the best OS from a privacy and security point of view.

Me as a Fairphone user I first installed /e/OS but was not satisfied with the update policy (they released Android T (13) stable for the FP4 but withdrew it after I had installed it - I had to go back to dev what meant losing all my data AGAIN) - so I installed iodé instead and I am pretty satisfied now among others because of the reasons mentionend by @chrisrg.

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For Pixel users, GrapheneOS is the main competitor imo

The main advantage of iode for me would be the system-wide ad & tracking blocker
When you are using a VPN (and you should if you take privacy seriously), there is no real on-device, non-root alternative afaik
(there are ad-blocking dns servers though)

Not so long ago I was confronted with the same question. I think it depends a lot on which pixel you use and what your requirements are.

My requirements: Longest possible updates.

That just leaves: DivestOS, iodé and LineageOS. Since the bootloader can’t be locked with LineageOS, it’s out for me.

Fast security updates (see also Patch History - DivestOS Mobile)

A bit fiddly.
microG can be installed by yourself
Unfortunately limited VoLTE support. Depends on your operator (see Making VoLTE work on capable devices · Issue #289 · Divested-Mobile/DivestOS-Build · GitHub)

More information: DivestOS: Datenschutzfreundlich und erhöhte Sicherheit – Custom-ROMs Teil5 • Kuketz IT-Security Blog

Almost everything works out of the box

Security updates are a bit delayed.
Notification of the iodéApp can only be disabled in the settings of this app (and not in the notification settings).

More information: iodéOS: Datenschutzfreundlich, aber Abstriche bei der Sicherheit – Custom-ROMs Teil3 • Kuketz IT-Security Blog

Good luck with your OS choice!

Which Pixel is it?

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Pixel 8 so software isnt an issue for me.

Divest aint an option for me sadly its either Graphene, Calyx or iode