Which OS is more ahead of updates, Fairphone 4's updates vs iodeOS's updates for Fairphone 4

Just wanting to know for the Fairphone 4, which updates are more ahead, the OS that comes with Fairphone 4, or iodeOS’s updates for the Fairphone 4?

Just also curious for the fairphone 4, what is the latest Android version for stable?

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Latest FPOS is based on Android 11.
Latest iodéOS for FP4 is based on Android 12.

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Is this Beta or Stable version you are referring to?

One other thing, does iodeOS plan to support Android 13 for fp4 later on?

there are stable and beta versions
and yes, later on, A13 support will come


is the stable versin up to version 12 and does it have hte wide angle camera issue resolved?

latest stable is 3.3 20221121
it is A12 and should have the wideangle lense support

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