Where is the iodé Updater?

I installed iodé on my fairphone 4. The news app shows that there is an update but I cannot find the updater in the operating system.

Normally (other custom roms), it is placed in settings, system… but there is no update tool.

The iodé news app says: update is available in your updater. The text “updater” looks like a hyperlink but I cannot click it.

Is this an expected behaviour?

Thank you.

It’s a standalone app. Look or search in your swipe up list of all apps for ‘Updater.’

Hi davidm.

I am sorry, but there is no app when I search for updater.

When I select settings, Apps, Show all apps, include system apps, I only find Dynamic System Updates and org.lineageos.updater in the list.

Thank you davidm.

For some reason the updater was deselected in the preinstalled apps. I corrected it.

Without your hint (updater is a separate app) I would not have found it.