Whatsapp doesnt start anymore after 5.2 update

Has anyone also encountered the problem of having issues with whatsapp since 5.2?
Whatsapp always stops running.
Restarting the phone or allowing all the permission doesnt help.

Hey there,

I got the same issue with Whatsapp since my update to 4.13. Even reinstalling the app did not fix it. What else can I do?

What means stop running?
Crashes or don’t get notifications?


Could there be some changes in microG? It Seems like (not yet sure) now the MicroG components needs to be installed. Before it wasnt the case.

Just a black screen for a very short time, then return to the home screen.
Is there a way to get back to 4.12?

Running WA on bluejay with newest beta and microG enabled without problems

Is microG nessesary since this update?

Whats app used to have a web login using a,QR code. Can u login this way on your iodé phone web browser and get the code from another device?

Don’t know, it was already installed and enabled

Yes i can but thats not the solution i want because it makes it difficult to write to new contacts.

OK-hopefully iodé will fix the 5.2 update problem soon as I also cannot use my phone normally because of it!

microG version is the same in 5.1 and 5.2.
microG components did not fundamentally change, although FakeStore is now called microG companion.
This issue with WA does not seem to happen to a lot of users… There may be some specific reasons for those where it happens. We would need logs to try to understand.