Whatsapp configuration with Google Drive

Hello everyone !

Okay, there are so many things wrong in the title of this topic! I prefer a thousand times more Signal to Whatsapp, and I am not a huge fan of Google Drive either. Sadly, I couldn’t convert all my relatives to Signal, so I still have so communicate with them through Whatsapp.

I also confort myself by thinking that making these apps work fine on iodé will make it accessible to a wider community (of less-techy people), so let’s call that a bright side!

That being said, I have been trying to create conversation backups on Whatsapp, so that I can move the app to another Android profile on my iodé phone (and stop seeing it so much :grin:). Unfortunately, the backups can be transferred on the cloud only by using a Google Drive account.

In the microG Services Core settings, I have allowed apps to find accounts, after which my Google account registered in MicroG became available in the “Google account” section of the Whatsapp settings. However, when I select the account, there is an authentification attempt (which I assume fails), and then nothing happens, the account is still not selected.

Does this issue ring a bell to anyone of you?

Thanks a lot!


I haven’t tried restoring whatsapp conversations using Google Drive but you could also try to restore them manually using a computer and transferring the WhatsApp folder from one profile to the other
When installing Whatsapp on the new profile, the app will recognize the backup

Hello Antoine,

Thank you for the great tip, it worked fine!

Here are the detailed steps of the procedure, in the event that anyone faces a similar issue:
On your current profile (where Whatsapp is currently in use):

  • Switch to Plane Mode (to try not to receive messages during the procedure)
  • In the Whatsapp app, create a local backup (settings > Chats > Backup - Although it will be asked, there is no need to add a Google Drive account)
  • Connect your phone to a computer and enable file sharing
  • Copy on your computer the whole Whatsapp folder

Go on your new profile (where you want to install Whatsapp):

  • Remove the Whatsapp app if it is already installed (when proposed, you don’t need to keep the app’s data)
  • On your Android phone, enable again file sharing (it should have been disabled when you switched profiles)
  • Delete the whole Whatsapp folder that is present on your phone, and instead paste the one that you stored on your computer)
  • Disable the Plane Mode
  • Install Whatsapp and activate your phone number
  • When prompted, accept to restore the local backup
    There you go!

Note: Be aware that with this procedure, any message that you receive after creating the backup and before restoring it will be lost.

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Hello everyone,
important information regarding the local backup structure of whatsapp:
Since version, whatsapp changed the location of the backup folder from /WhatsApp to /Android/media/com.whatsapp/WhatsApp.
Also essentail is whatsapps permission to access the phone-data (via settings/apps and notifications/app-info/whatsapp/permissions/data and media).
Afterwards whatsapp is running the local backup without problems

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