What is the bootloader version on Iode 3.5? Samsung S10e

Please tell me what is the bootloader version of Iode 3.5? Samsung S10e

The firmware was not embedded in iodéOS 3.5 (it is embedded now in iodéOS 4.x), so it is the version of the latest firmware/stock flashed on the device.

My Samsung S10E runs on Iode 4.2-20230628-beyond0lte and I really want to go back to Iode 3.5, is it possible?

Fastboot says that the bootloader version is G970FXXSGHWC1

It is an android 12 firmware, so probably you can revert to 3.5 (factory reset required oc).
What’s the problem with 4.2 ?

Thank you! It’s not about Iode (it’s perfect) it’s about new Lineageos 20 (Android 13), I really don’t like all the changes :frowning:
I was happy with iode 3.5 (Android 12) and it feels like it would be better if I went back to it.

I’m just trying to unlock OEM in developer settings but I don’t see this setting there. Damn😥

Maybe it’s because I’ve already unlocked Bootloader, right?

Bootloader cannot be relocked on samsung.

Um… I didn’t say anything about relocking the bootloader)

My Samsung S10E runs on Iode 4.2 and I want to go back to Iode 3.5. The instructions say: “2. Unlock OEM in developer settings”
I’m trying to do it but I don’t see this setting there. Is this setting missing because the bootloader is already unlocked? May I skip directly to the last two steps of the instructions?

  1. From recovery => Factory reset => Format Data/factory reset
  2. From recovery => Apply update => Apply from ADB => adb sideload iode.zip

You run iodéOS : that implies bootloader unlocked, as the bootloader cannot be relocked if you run a custom ROM. So no need to unlock it, it is already unlocked.

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Unfortunately I had failed :frowning:

Installation Iode 3.5 aborted at 47% with “ERROR: recovery: Current SPL: 2023-06-05 Target SPL: 2023-01-05 this is considered a downgrade
ERROR: recovery: Denying OTA because it’s SPL downgrade”

Please tell me, is there anything that can be done to downgrade from 4.2 to 3.5? I really want to go back to version 3.5 :pleading_face:

I don’t think you’ll be able to downgrade then.
What disturbs you in android 13 ? It’s very similar to 12 in my opinion.

It is but there are differences and these differences are killing me :frowning: Plus the battery holds a charge noticeably less.
I was happy with iode 3.5, it’s a very nice feeling, now it’s gone :frowning:

What if I install Samsung firmware first (Android 12) and then install Iode 3.5? What do you think, will it work?

Never give up! I found out that it’s possible to downgrade LineageOS by installing an old Recovery.

There is an option in the iode Updater App “Update Recovery” that is disabled
by default. I enabled it for some reason. During the upgrade to Iode 4.2, Recovery was also updated. It was Recovery 4.2 that refused to downgrade OS.

Installing Recovery 3.5 solved the problem.