What is the "A" in iodéOS A - 4.10?

As the title suggests… I’m seeing this in the Updater for the next available release on my Fairphone 3, but can’t see any reference as to why there is now an A in the release version which was never there before.

Yes, I know it is silly but I also am not updating for this reason.

The updater sorts numerically/alphabetically
It would find 4.10 before 4.9 (because of the 1 instead of the 9) and therefore not show it as a newer update.
That’s why Vince introduced the “A” a long time ago.
For every major release that exceeds x.9 in the minor release, an “A” is placed in front of it, so that x.10 is listed after x.9 and is found as a newer version.
So it’s a purely cosmetic factor.
It can be updated with peace of mind

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Okay thanks, that makes sense. I was worried it might have signified an Alpha version,. After noting also that the next suggested available version of F-Droid is 1.19.0-alpha3-iode.37, I feared I’d been mysteriously shifted onto the guinea pig channel. :worried: