What can iodeOS do that CalyxOS can't and vice versa

I wanted to know what iodeOS can do that CalyxOS can’t and vice versa.

I know for a fact that iodeOS does have its own built in ad/tracking blocker and CalyxOS doesn’t. And that iodeOS has its own permissions manager whereas CalyxOS depends on the Android’s permission which is useful as it doesn’t tell the app if I have denied permission or not.

However CalyxOS is ahead of Android version compared to iodeOS.

Which OS has more privacy features, is there something iodeOS is lacking compared to CalyxOS and vice versa etc?

I am not trying to start a flamewar between the two operating systems/projects however I am just wanting to make the final decision before using the right OS.

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Can you clarify this, because I have set permissions through Android settings. Is there another way? I know that in blocker you can disable internet per app. Did you mean that?

A comparison between CalxyOS and iodéOS is almost only theoretically possible, because except for the Fairphone 4 (FP4), CalxyOS only supports the Google Pixel family, while iodéOS currently does not support a single Pixel smartphone.

However, the most striking point of difference between the custom ROMs is that the bootloader can be locked again on devices supported by CalxyOS.

As cyanogenmod had its own permissions, I thought iodeOS has its own permissions as well as Android’s permissions?

So if I installed iodeOS on fairphone 4, then I can’t lock the bootloader at all?

It’s at least not unproblematic. Read more e. g. here and here

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cylayxOS id re-locking the bootloader in their script only if the get unlock availibilty returns 1. Otherwise they leave it unlocked, too.

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Superior launcher called Trebuchet from LineageOS, system-wide ad and tracker blocker, and less bugs (from my experience). CalyxOS is based on AOSP unlike iodéOS which is based on LineageOS so it has a lot of nice LineageOS tweaks and additions.