Website blocked:

What about this, is there a reason for this?

Honestly looks like a false-positive to me.

I can read your German screenshot. But for everybody else (and in general) you might want to give a bit more information about your browser, operating system and phishing blocker (Malwarebytes Browser Guard?)

No problem

This message only comes up when I try to log in.

Text in English:
Website Blocked:

We strongly advise them not to proceed. You may be putting your security at risk by visiting this website. Here you can find more information: Malwarebytes Support (

Then options to continue or cancel

My operating system:
Firefox 115.0.3
Windows 10 22H2 Built: 19045.3208
Malwarebytes Premium 4.5.33 (Malwarebytes for Windows – PC-Antivirusprogrammersatz | Malwarebytes)

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remove malwarebytes and the messave dissapears…

This is a good solution, I would not have dreamed of, but malwarebytes has never disappointed me.
The other solution would be to stop logging into the community.iodé.tech site.


OK. Thank you for the info. Sadly the link does not reveal WHY the page is regarded malicious.

As I said before: I think that’s a false-positive. Happens.

  1. apparently you can put the page on a an “allow list” to make the issue go away for you

  2. you could get in touch with the Malware Bytes community or support and ask them why the site is considered malicious. I don’t think there is anything else the people from Iodé could do.

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