WebRTC leaks


Not being a super privacy expert (yet), I stumbled upon a website (browserleaks.com) and checked what is leaked even though I use a VPN on my router and phone.

Surprisingly via webRTC my IP was leaked using iode and the iode browser.
Now comes the catch, I also have an e/OS/ phone next to me -not my daily driver but out of interest - and there ,no webRTC is leaked. Not with their browser or using duckduckgo.

What did I do wrong?
Has anyone a tip how to get my iode phone also webRTC leak free?

Also, it is interesting to note, when using Brave browser oder TOR browser on either phones, iode or /e/OS, no webRTC is leaked .

Best regards

You can follow the guide to disable webRTC leak: WebRTC Leak Test - BrowserLeaks

The default setting could be changed in our Firefox build, but requires a “deep” build of it. Actually we do not build all the dependencies of Firefox, and this setting would require to build more dependencies than we currently handle.

We acknowledge that Firefox is not the better choice wrt privacy: a browser like Bromite or several others are probably better choices wrt privacy. We preferred a browser more non-techies-friendly, able to do all the tasks a basic user is used to perform on other systems/browsers.

We may improve the privacy aspect of our clone though in the future. We already made some work towards this goal, and will pursue the task.