Weather App

I’ve tried to change the service provider in the preinstalled weather app from to openweather (or météo france), but both changes don’t work. The app cannot get any data after the change. I don’t like since their data doesn’t provide accurate forecasts here in Switzerland. Openweather from UK is much better for Europe than accuweather.
Had to switch to another weather app that supports openweather (from f-droid).

Did anyone of you have the same problem?

Yes I have exactly the same on FP4

Geometric Weather has been having some issues with OpenWeather’s API for a while - OpenWeather limited its API key so the app can’t get proper info from that source. the dev has added an option to use your own API key in order to work around that, but no binary file has been released yet so you’d have to compile the app from the source yourself.

OK, thanks
Then it’s just a question of time…

let’s just hope it does get release, it’s been a few months since it’s got an update or any changes in the code.

OK, thank you for the information. It’s not a big problem, but I like the app and would use it if this were fixed.

The meteofrance api works for me, openweather is stuck as already said.
For my daily use i prefered to use forcastie as an alternative. Its less attractive but Openweather api works on it, and you can select manual update to not drain the battery life (geometricweather force at least 6 hour update).