VPN Button Missing - Galaxy S9

i have installed lately (after using Lineage OS for a while) iodéOS version 3.4 (2022-12-15) on my Galaxy S9 (starlte) and want to use it as my daily phone.
Beside some limitation (e.g. why is it not possible to change the flashlight brightness? Why are no “Always On Display” options available? … ) the system works good so far but there is one big thing which is more or less a showstopper for the usage. If I open Options >> Network >> VPN there is no button available to add a VPN (see screenshot).

Any ideas on how to fix that?
Thanks a lot!

PS: this is actually the same issue like described here (german only). The solution was here to change a theme - but I don’t see any possibility to change the theme here (I don’t think this is implemented).

It is not a general issue
But there seems to be some overlay issues for S9
You cannot see the “+” in vpn settings, and @pbieringIODE cannot see the backup options in settings/system
All on S9

Thanks for the answer.
Just to let others know, which might have a similar problem. I can confirm that it’s “just” a GUI(overlay) problem. I did create a VPN entry via app (in my case the “Myfritz!”-app) which did create an VPN entry for me. This works normal. Just create one without a third party app is not possible.

Is there btw a possibility to report that bug for a single phone somewhere, since it’s not a general issue?

You can report that bug here: Issues · iode / ota · GitLab