Vcf file import for contacts only for vcard version 2.1

I can’t import any vcard files in iodé 2.13 as the contacts app only accepts vcard files version 2.1. I also have a Samsung A5 running /e/ OS with the same version (1.7.31) of contacts app and there I can choose which vcard version I want to export. It also imports all vcard versions. So it seems that this was changed on purpose in iodé. What could the the reason be to restrict the import of vcard files to version 2.1?

In iodéOS he contact app is unmodified from LineageOS. We’ll make some investigations.

Support for VCF v4.0 has been added in lineage a few weeks ago (so will be available in next iodéOS release): Contacts: add support for importing VCF v4 · LineageOS/android_packages_apps_Contacts@68e10ae · GitHub
Contacts app also supports VCF v3.0.
However there is not support of VCF v2.2 in AOSP, thus neither in Contacts: java/com/android/vcard - platform/frameworks/opt/vcard - Git at Google