Using multiple camera lenses with default open camera app


I bought a device directly from iodé (it’s a Teracube 2e) and I’m happy with it.
He hardware is quite limited but it’s enough for me.

Camera quality is quite poor and I do not understand if it’s a device problem, maybe it’s related to the fact that camera app is not optimized for the device itself.

I’m planning to buy a pixel 5, and I hope that that all camera lenses are used in order to get the best possibile quality while taking photos.
Would you help me to clarify this issue?
Eventually, could it be possibile to install google camera app in specific ways ensuring the right level of privacy?

All lenses work on Pixel 5 in the preinstalled camera, as well as in gcam. You can cut network access to ensure privacy.

Im using pix5 with BSG port.
Actually last 8.6 v14

And yes, its a MUST to cut network access! :wink: