Use Galaxy Wearable (for Buds and Smart Watches) on a Samsung Device with Iode

This topic is not a specific Iode topic, but since Iode supports many Samsung devices, it may be of interest to some.

If you want to install the Galaxy Wearable app on a Samsung phone with Iode OS, you will get an error message that you have changed your operating system and the app will not start.
However, if you want to use Samsung devices such as the Galaxy Buds or Smart Watches, you need this app (and, depending on the device, an additional app as a plugin).

Solution: There are patched versions of the apps that skip this device check.

Linux4 (the lineage maintainer for many Samsung devices) offers the wearable app and some plugins for download:

If the right plugin for you is not included, you can also patch it yourself with the following instructions:

It’s not easy, but it worked great for me. I have the Galaxy Buds 2Pro and I couldn’t find a patched app for it

There are also other solutions, but these require root. One of them is linked in the patch instructions above

Thanks for that motivation to get that running, I did never try that with Iode since Smartwatches and co are collecting so much data…
However, if everything is blocked after the setup is once done, it might be okay.

I would definitely add this link here to your links in order to download all needed files to start:

With that i got my Galaxy Watch 3 working.