Usage of IodeOS with my apps

Hi all,
Didn’t get any answers from previous post then so creating a new one in english and hope we can close the other. Sorry for the trouble but i’m trying hard to understand my situation.
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I manage to download IodeOS on my Samsung S10 (SM-G973F) and proud of it ! But i would like to use certains apps that doesn’t seems to work.
For some reaison, Deezer, CityMapper and Rush Royale are working properly for different reason :

  • Deezer can’t connect o my account, trying with gmail so that may explain but not sure. Tested my account on other devices and works just fine. I can’t pass the authentification,
    [Update] - for some reason on today march 19th it’s working !
  • CityMapper can’t pass the loading screen with the logo on it. I do like the use of it for my public transport, and the native app of IodeOS doesn’t catch proper information of my transport so… (I would use it if that was the case)
  • Rush Royale is a game, for which I need to use Google Services. And to be honest, I don’t quite understand how I can pass that for playing my game without it or how I can pass that.

The reste of the OS is wonderful. I’m keen to play more with it and learn more on it. Which I hope I can more step by step and learning from the community.

What can I do for my apps ? Do you have any solution and/or can I give you more info about it ?
Thanks all !

Maybe your problem is the dependence on google-services of your apps.

The microG included in iodéOS let’s you use apps with google-dependencies with less data-leakage.

Always keep in mind, that the following actions will generate datastreams from your device, even though it’s not as much as from a not-degoogled-device (as far as I understand it):

First you could try to activate the “safety net” in microG, which some apps need.

If this doesn’t work, you could activate the “google device-registration” in microG.

Good luck, I hope I could help.

I’m using my device with the microG installed because of one app, that apparently needs it, but I don’t have the safety-net or device-registration turned on. I even block microG entirely in iodé-Blocker and the app works without a problem… Just because it knows, that microG is there :smiley:

Hey thanks for the answer !

Does it work for Google play also ?
It’s mostly to my game for which i’m sceptical :sweat_smile:

I’ve tried both option with safety net and google device-registration, both enabled but I still got “Please check weither you are currently logged in Google Play”…

microG does not support Google play

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Ho well
That’s a real bad news and that’s the only game i’m playing and i’ve been really playing… is there a way to workaround that ?

I have found a relative solution here :

Could that work ?

The solution would be: back to Google.
To stock or LOS with gapps

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Can’t find a solution but i’m sure there’s one !
Is there something to do with Magisk ? And Google services maybe ?

There should be a way !

Thanks :slight_smile:

Found a way ! I can use the Huawei Appstore to download some app without Google Play restriction !