Updates for Fairphone 4?

Since it’s a bit special with the Fairphone 4, I’ll ask here again separately besides the already existing topic “Updates for supported devices”.

Fairphone promises to offer software updates for the FP4 until at least the end of 2025. They also want to try to extend the software updates until the end of 2027. Of course, they cannot promise this, since Qualcomm will probably not help again and they will have to rely on the community’s success as a substitute.

  1. Does iodé also promise to offer security updates for iodéOS and apps until at least the end of 2025?
  2. Would iodé try to provide security updates for iodéOS and applications until the end of 2027, if Fairphone should manage it itself and provide everything necessary?

I can gladly do without new functions and like that if I can use FP4 with current security updates for as long as possible.

If I asked the questions way too early and you can only give a meaningful answer when iodéOS is ready for the FP4, I’m happy to wait quite a while for the answer.

We will support our devices as long as we can. Of course we rely on the community for that; but if it succeeds for example for the sony xz1 (issued in august 2017), why wouldn’t it work for other devices as well, especially FP4 which is made to be durable ?

And even if a device cannot be upgraded to the latest LineageOS version, as actually LineageOS supports its 4 latest versions, this device could get the security updates of its latest Lineage version for 4 years…