Updater s9


Today I found that there is a new update released to my samsung s9, but when i push download in the app i get an error message printed to check ny internet connection and try again later. I was able to download the update (.zip) from github but the size differ from the updater version (github aprox 850mb, updater 0,97 gb).

Should I try to download the update later due to some error that will be fixed or should I flash the .zip from the recovery myself? At last, any ideas why the size differs between the two versions, the updater do not use .zip format?

Thanks for a good OS and all the work you guys do.

Link from updater: https://github.com/iodeOS/ota/releases/download/v2-starlte/iode-2.0-20210729-starlte.zip

Link from github: https://github.com/iodeOS/ota/releases/download/v1-starlte/iode-2.0-20210729-starlte.zip

Thanks for pointing that out, there is indeed a mistake. We are currently uploading the update to the right place, it should take a couple of hours before you can download & install it.