Updater has not internet connection since 4.0 update

Recently i’ve updated to iodeOS 4.0, but the Updater now says “The update check failed, Please check your internet connection and try again later”

My internet connection is just fine for any other app.
I tried , Wifi on/off, 5G on/off, VPN on/off, iode Blocking enabled/disabled

Phone: Fairphone4
iodeOS version: 4.0-20230131-FP4
Android: 13 buildnumber TQ1A.230105.001.A2 dev-keys

Check Updater app info (long press on Updater icon), mobile data and WiFi : network access may be disabled.

I checked, but was not it.
Allow network is enabled

But i did solve it by clearing the storage / cache of the Updater app.

Now it says : No new updates found

Problem solved