Updater can't check for updates, FP5

For quite a while now I see that the updater gives the “The update check failed. Please check your internet connection or try again later.” message.

This is with both the regular and the beta updater. While the former should not actually show an update, since I am on 4.10, I would expect the latter to give me the 5.0beta.

When I tried the beta updater the first time, a few weeks back, I was offered the 5.0beta update, and could download it. But when I wanted to upgrade the upgrade process started and then stopped with a simple “update failed” message. So I reverted back to the original updater. When I wanted to try the beta update again, I noticed that it now cannot reach the OTA server, it seems.

I had the same problem on a Sony XA2. I finally solved it by uninstalling the updater in the standard-apps section, restarting the phone, reinstalling the updater and restarting again. I don’t remember whether I also I disactivated the iode-blocker once. Now it runs normally with active blocker.