Update from 4.10 to version 5

I’m on Google Pixel 7, still running iodéOS A-4.10 at the moment.

I want to update (via the OTA updater app) now to version 5.

Do I have to update first to 5.0 and then to 5.1 to avoid conflicts or can I update to 5.1 (or 5.2 if this should come out soon) directly without problems?

Hi, it is recommended to update to the latest available version. Version 5.2 is coming soon.

Wait with updating to 5.2 there are some issues with it.

I’m on latest beta which is actual stable without any issue.
Pixel 6a

But yes, after QPR3 there are big changes.
Gcam for example doesn’t start anymore without microG

Okay, I was about to do the update today.

But I am acutally using GCam. (I am using MicroG though, so it’s no problem then? What is “QPR3”?)

So, what would you experienced people recommend? Update to 5.2? 5.0 first and then onwards? 5.1?

Googles Quarterly Platform Releases for Android

directly 5.2