Unwanted face recognition on S10e

On a Samsung Galaxy S10e with Iodé 4,8 there is a very small green dot blinking and the device emits IR-light flashes (see this video)

This is after a press on the power button and before drawing a pattern to unlock.

In my opinion this can only be the face recognition of the S10e.
I don’t need it and I don’t want it, but I can’t find the setting to turn this off.


Thats not face recognition but the proximity sensor (so the phone knows when to turn off the screen wenn its near your ear or in a pocket)
Deactivating it should theoretically be possible, but I don’t know how and wouldn’t want to

I had similar experience on pixel 5 with flickering tiny dot of light which was indeed the proximity sensor. In my case it was a Telegram Setting > Chat Setting >Raise to Speak. Toggled off it stopped it.

Thanks for your responses!
Indeed, it’s apparently the proximity sensor, but a very strange one. All others I have seen in the last 13 years on smartphones worked only with (invisible) IR light. Why this one uses (partitially) visible light…?
I was also surprised with the moment of activation… When call in progress; sure, the display turns of as excpected, but after power on it seems not to do anything.
Anyway, thanks again.