Unofficial build of Iode 4 failing

I am trying to make an up-to-date build of Iode 4.1 but the build is failing with the following error

[100% 494/494] analyzing Android.bp files and generating ninja file at out/soong/
FAILED: out/soong/
cd "$(dirname "out/host/linux-x86/bin/soong_build")" && BUILDER="$PWD/$(basename "out/host/linux-x86/bin/soong_build")" && cd / && env -i  "$BUILDER"     --top "$TOP"     --soong_out "out/soong"     --out "out"     -o out/soong/ --globListDir build --globFile out/soong/ -t -l out/.module_paths/Android.bp.list --available_env out/soong/soong.environment.available --used_env out/soong/ Android.bp
error: packages/apps/WallpaperPicker2/Android.bp:24:1: "wallpaper-common-deps" depends on undefined module "SystemUICustomizationLib"

That dependency was added by LineageOS in this commit, but if I try reverting that commit, I see a whole lot more errors. That commit has been made since I last made a build, so I guess there is another change needed to the default manifest

Should I raise an issue in the manifests repo?

The sources of the last versions had not been pushed yet, this was planned for today.
This is done now, for all iodéOS versions.

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Best to use v4.1 branch or v4-staging?

Actually they are identical. But, in all cases we push only “stable” branches on v4-staging.

I am now getting link errors

[  0% 9/15893] //hardware/interfaces/audio/effect/ link
FAILED: out/soong/.intermediates/hardware/interfaces/audio/effect/5.0/

Full error log at Iode 4 linker error -

No precise idea. My only guess it that one repo is not in sync with aosp, lineage or iodé. hardware/interfaces is a lineage repo, check it first.

Yes, there was a big change recently, merging a whole batch of changes from AOSP
Merge tag 'android-13.0.0_r35' into staging/lineage-20.0_merge-androi… · LineageOS/android_hardware_interfaces@091da41 · GitHub.

I’ve tried reverting that commit, but I get a whole lot more errors, but that just breaks a whole lot of other stuff.

As you have been able to build Iode4 successfully since this commit, my guess is that there are some matching changes in your forked repos which aren’t visible to me. If your builds work and mine don’t, we must be building from different sources. And this doesn’t look like a change specific for the device I’m building for, and that’s the only code I have that you don’t.

Another possibility: my repos, which I did not update since around 2 weeks, have incompatibilities with latest aosp/lineage repos… in that case you’ll have to wait a bit for an update of iodé repos (which should be done soon, now that we made a release).

Will do. Thanks

Please will you let me know when the repos have been updated and it is safe for me to try another build? Thanks

Yes ! No problem. Within less than a week I think. I don’t update too fast after a release to be able to quickly produce hotfix builds, is there is some critical bug to fix somewhere. I’m sorry for self-builders :wink:

Is an unofficial build likely to succeed yet? Are the IodeOS gitlab repos synced and up to date?

Synced v4-staging branches have been pushed.

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Building 4.1 is now working :slight_smile: