Unofficial build for lilac failing

Building v4 as I have in the past, the build is now failing with the error message below. Any clues?

FAILED: out/soong/
cd "$(dirname "out/host/linux-x86/bin/soong_build")" && BUILDER="$PWD/$(basename "out/host/linux-x86/bin/soong_build")" && cd / && env -i  "$BUILDER"     --top "$TOP"     --soong_out "out/soong"     --out "out"     -o out/soong/ --globListDir build --globFile out/soong/ -t -l out/.module_paths/Android.bp.list --available_env out/soong/soong.environment.available --used_env out/soong/ Android.bp
error: external/rsync/Android.bp:1:1: module "rsync" variant "android_arm64_armv8-a": depends on //external/zstd:libzstd which is not visible to this module
You may need to add "//external/rsync" to its visibility
11:37:28 soong bootstrap failed with: exit status 1

Maybe. But as you may know, I’m new to this. 2 1/2 yrs ago I configured a pc specifically to attempt an eOS build. Found it too daunting. I’m having another go now and I’ve been at for a week. didn’t have much hair in the first place but with all the head scratching…well. Anyway.

Building for bluejay pixel 6a I had the same error and got past it by copying "//external/rsync",to the file ~/android/lineage/external/zstd/Android.bp at line 52 ish.

It was all I could think of, and it may be part of my current errors; I don’t know.

Thanks. That got me past the error, and the build is now in progress. Currently [ 2% 3095/115399] so it will take a while to complete :slight_smile:

It also jogged my memory about your current problem - I’ve replied to yourpost :slight_smile:

I am trying to document the errors I encounter, and their fixes and workarounds in my wiki, but I’m a bit behind :slight_smile: