Unknown tracker alerts

Apple and Google have agreed to prevent misuse of air tags.
See for example: Google updates Find My Device network, adds new feature to warn about unknown AirTags with you | TechCrunch

I have two Fairphones 4. One running IodeOS Beta 4.4-20230815-FP4 Android 13 and one running Fairphone 4 FP4.SP2J.B.086.20230729 Android 12. So for me its easy to compare the operating systems.
FairphoneOS has an option “Unknown tracker alerts”. It would be nice if this option were also available in iodeOS. I do understand this has to be implemented in LineageOS, but I am not active in that scene.

Thanks for your understanding. Keep on the good work. Cheers!


These are all LOS based features and not iodéOS specific.
Your original FP4 is based on A12 and when you switched to A13, “many” features (not just the ones you mentioned) in the LOS base were dropped and will/have to be implemented again.
Since the priorities of the todo and feature list on iodéOS are full and the features you want would mean an immense effort if iodé implemented it yourself, you can lower your hope to 0.

Thanks for this clear explanation!

I am very happy with GitHub - Semper-Viventem/MetaRadar: The app for BLE ether monitoring tracks your environment, finds some devices, makes relations between devices around you, and tracks devices' movements.

Also on Aurora; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=f.cking.software

Kind regards!