Uninstall microG?

i was excited when I found iodéOS and that you can even buy it pre-installed on a smartphone! Keep up the good work!!! :smiley:

Is it possible to uninstall and reinstall MicroG via the Preinstalled apps management? If not, is there in the future when ordering the smartphone the option to order without MicroG?

I would like to run the smartphone entirely without Google:

Since the link is in German, here is a translation with DeepL:

microG: Open source Google Play Services Framework
If you like to run your Android smartphone without proprietary Google libraries, you know the problem: Some apps refuse to work, e.g. because there is no Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) or Google Maps API. The microG Project offers a remedy. It replicates a part of the closed Google components and thus makes it possible to do without proprietary source code from Google. However, one problem remains: It still uses Google’s infrastructure and services. For me, this is therefore out of the question, but it may be of interest to one or the other reader.

Greetings Barry

Hi & thank you for your interest in iodé

There is at the time no way to uninstall MicroG due to technical reasons, we may implement the possibility to do it one day.
You can nonetheless enable/disable microG thus google components on iodéOS anytime via the settings

Thanks for the quick reply!
I would be happy if you could actually get iodéOS without MicroG in the foreseeable future (next year?).

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Just as incidental information

For other CustomROMs that supported signature spoofing, for example ArrowOS and Havoc-OS, I use the Minimal microG NoGoolag Edition.

“The NoGoolag edition is completley free of any Google or proprietary components other then Droidguard.”, promises r/MicroG.

Minimal microG uses official microG APKs so it can be updated from the microG F-droid repo. MinMicroG by MOVZX and FatherJony and FriendlyNeighborhoodShane.

how about a iodeROM without microG? Or only with the unifiedNLP bundle? For people who want to fully degoogle :smiley:
Or is that possible with your microG version, being degoogled? Can you uninstall the parts that work with google servers? Or deactivate them in the settings? Because I did not really find a clear no or yes to that, since you do make it possible to uninstall almost every app, however, at least some things of microG seem to be needed for the OS to work.
Neither did I find a clear answer to the second question, fully deactivate stuff that works with google servers. There is a menu and some of the most important settings, like gmc, can be deactivated, but is that everything? Like, I don’t want my phone to talk to google, even if my phone only sends dead ends.
Now that I think about it, I found something about degoogled options of microG, but neither was it clear there, do they speak with google?
Same for the UnifiedNLP only version.
If someone knows the answers to this i’d be thankful if he/she could share them with me :smiley:

The only connection to google is mtalk.google.com and only when you enable GCM in microG
If you do not configure a goolag account in microG, diable goolag device registration, GCM (Cloud MEssaging), exposure notifications ang goolag safety net, then no connections will be established to goolag.
microG is then only used for gsmCore and Unified Network Location Provider.

All other things in system are reconfigured to not use goolag services, like DNS, ntp, captivePortal check, etc…
you hav a really goolag free phone, believe me…

what doesn’t mean that there are not other connection to goolag when browsing in internet or installing apps, that are connection goolag.
I speak from system point of view…

Isn’t gsmcore talking to some google services? or is all of that in another package? And is it possible to uninstall the unused packages? Also if I need to uninstall gsmcore and unifiednlp with it. Because unifiedNLP has to ve reinstalled anywau as no GAPPS version, right? Or are they like the iode App?
Either way, thank you for your answer, it’s nice to know that iodeOS can be used “completely without google” :smiley: