Unable to update on FP4

So I manage to download new updates, and click install, but after the reboot this is the status:

It doesn’t really seem to be working. Anything I am missing?


My assumption is that you relocked your bootloader. Version 2.3 was an early beta, that was available before we provided a custom key for verified boot. The newer iodéOS version cannot boot without that key with bootloader relocked. If my assumption is right, you must unlock the bootloader and follow the instructions (iode / ota · GitLab) to flash the custom key if you want to relock your bootloader. Beware : your data will be wiped.

I suppose that makes sense, thanks. But wait, so I have to unlock the bootloader with a custom key, then update?
And avoid relocking afterwards I suppose?

It seems I had the same problem :confused:

@t0xup How did you proceed?