Unable to share location in signal app

Hi, I can’t share my location within the signal app. I’m running iodé 4.11 on beyond0lte. Did reproduce it on 3 other devices with same properties and on starlte. Should I switch to Molly or is there maybe another solution?

Iodé blocker showed no blocked addresses whilst running signal.

Thanks in advance

As i know, signal uses gmaps, which is not working on iode
Molly too
Twinhelix uses osm, this should work

When I share my location via Molly in my FP4 with iode 5, it sends a Google-Maps-Link although I don’t have Google-Maps installed.

Have you tried to share your location out of another app e.g. Osmand via Molly?

To share it out of OrganicMaps or OsmAnd is no problem. Even Forkgram (a fork of Telegram with osm embedded) let me share the location out of the app. But with Signal it somehow stucks in a loop while trying to generate a link. I also installed Gmaps to see if it works, but still no difference. Gmaps works fine on its own.

To other Signal users: Do you have experienced a similar issue?

J’ai un pixel 6 et organic maps beta et signal. Je n’ai pas de probleme pour partager ma position.

english please

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Why ?
Some post is in french.

Not in this thread

It is an international community

As Alpha says… international chat.
And with English you will get help faster and with non-English screenshots it will be even more difficult!!!
My native language is also not English… and when I paste a screenshot here… I switch my phone to English first.

Even if that’s not friendly… I’ve been ignoring all posts that aren’t in English for a long time