Unable to set live location in Whatsapp


When I try to set Live location in Whatsapp I get a message saying “Live location requires background location. You can manage this in your device settings”.

When I go to Location/App location permissions it says that Whatsapp is set to “Allow only while using this app”, which presumably is the background location setting referred to above.

However, it doesn’t work. I am on iodeOS 4.8 and Whatsapp installed from Aurora. Any thoughts?

My wife is using WA on iodéOS 4.8 bluejay and she’s using this feature intensively
So, I can say, it’s working out of the box. I configured her nothing special.

Are you using microG and enabled all the things there?

Yes, I’m using MicroG and it has locations enabled. (Actually it just takes me back to the Location setting). Other apps like Magic Earth and TfL Go have no problem with location, it’s just WhatsApp.

Is the app background usage maybe restricted?

Apologies for not replying sooner, but I have now discovered that I had this feature all along, but because it is under the attachments icon (paperclip) I didn’t realise it. (I’m new to this game). Thanks for the helpful suggestions.