Unable to get notification on messenger "Element"

Hello everyone, unfortunately I don’t get any notification when using the messenger “Element”, does anyone have an idea how to fix this? - Everything works fine with other messengers
thanks a lot

No problem here. Receive all notifications
Did you disable it app/channels?

Element is a little strange when it comes to notifications in general. At least that is my experience.

Have you tried the self-check of Element if it gives you any clues? You can find it under “Settings → Notifications → Troubleshoot Notifications (at the bottom of the page)”

Do you have problems with notifications only when your phone is sleeping - or don’t you can’t them AT ALL?

I haven’t disabled anything or what do you mean?

Then it should normally work
Don’t know why not for you

During the self-check I have these errors. However, the test notification is passed through and can be confirmed.

Unfortunately, I do not currently receive any notifications through Element. No matter if my phone is sleeping or not.

on all other devices (for example Sony XZ2 compact, standard Android) I get the notifications without problems

Well that seems like a problem with MicroG.
Have you installed Element from F-Droid or Aurora?

On my phones, I generally don’t use GCM, since I don’t really use apps that need Google’s Push. So when I do the check on my phones (with element from F-Droid), I don’t even get these checks related to Play-Services/Firebase/… Element then falls back to it’s own background service to produce notifications - and these work most of the time.

But as I understand it, disabling GCM would not be an option for you, since you are using other apps that need it, right?

Ok, it looks like I had the Aurora store version installed. I have now replaced it with the F-Droid version and the notifications work. Thanks for the hint.
GCM I had generally not activated, I need apparently also for no apps.

Unfortunately I have another problem with Element, when I try to create a voicemail the error “Error recording voicemail” appears, even though Element has all the necessary permissions. Do you have a hint for this as well?

ok that explains it. i install everything from f-droid as long as its there