Two times Failed installation On FP4

Yesterday I started to install iodé.
I came from a manually installed fp4 OS android 12 critical partitions unlock and after finish installation lock critical.
First attempt of flashing Iodé failed. After flashing ROM It asked me whether lock bootloader. I refused. First boot in Iodé OS ended in a „rollback“ of installation.
It booted into fairphone OS. Maybe due to unclean unrooot of magisk.
So retry clean install fairphone OS. Didn’t work, as I wasn’t able unlock critical partitions.
Now with some help in fairphone forum posts, my „unlock-ability” is 1.
Again I flashed with batch file provided. Result was: failed, because “critical partitions are locked”. The instructions says: do not unlock critical partitions.
After further 6 hours, I am again „unlock-ability”:1.

How do I install Iodé? Instructions with batch file didn’t work out. I unpacked downloaded file “iode…0926-fp4-fastboot” and executed batchfile. No avb custom key thing, as it is not mentioned in the instructions.

not good…

Think you better asking in FP forum.
There are more deep-flashing experts then here, regarding this complicated device when it comes to flashing and bricking

Thank you, AlphaElwedritsch,

I followed your instructions on FP for flashing Iodé 3 (hrm except step 11:).
I.e. at the moment, i have an OS, outdated, but working.
Still unlocked bootloader. I don´t dare to lock it…

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