Trying to prove your trustworthy (of your shop)

for the French deal platform I am trying to prove you are trustworthy.

I found some articles like Smartphones écoresponsables en 2021 - L'Écodigital and Un smartphone Android sans Google, c’est possible : qu’en pensent les utilisateurs ? in French, but especially the last one just talks about teh OS, not that you – as a seller are trustworthy.

For more details on the rules see:

- Nos règles de publication
- La FAQ du support communautaire
- Le guide “Comment bien partager un deal”

The deals I want to post there are your black friday deals and I already did on the German partner deal platform MyDealz, but Dealabs wants some proof your are valid aka:

Nombre d’avis et notations de ceux-ci sur des sites d’évaluation indépendants.

This rougly translated to (DeepL translated):

Number of reviews and their ratings on independent review sites.

They need some more here.

Especially as French is not my first language here, I am kind of lost… is there some autoritative source for such things?