Trying to install iodeOS coming from /e/OS... Help for dirty things appreciated

Hi forum,

I own a Samsung Galaxy A5 (SM-520F, a5y17lte) running latest (as of 2023 february) /e/OS which is based on Android R based. I customized my ROM with installation of F-Droid, Aurora Store, Adaway and OpenBoard eversince which made me think of changing to iodeOS because all of that is just integrated into the ROM.
Now as I’ve several Apps installed, and configuring all of them is very time consuming I’ve the idea to just upgrade install iodeOS using TWRP.
I did a full backup (TWRP) before so I can experiment without any fear. I even have a copy of Titanium Backup (TB) which I used to backup all apps and settings.
Now fresh (incl. factory reset) installing iodeOS and restoring apps with TB did not perform very well especially when it comes to bluetooth paired devices and other system settings.
So I just tried to upgrade install iodeOS. I know it’s dirty but I wanted to give it a try.
Now the system boots up and let’s me input the SIM card PIN. But when I enter the lock screen pattern the same lock screen comes up again and I cannot access the phone. :-/

Now my question: Do you have any idea what I could do to get into my phone again? Maybe an adb hack from twrp, or something like that?
I know I did it quick 'n dirty, so please don’t answer something like “do a fresh installation instead”. This is my last resort anyway.
I’m just trying to find a way out to get the “upgrade installation” working…

kind regards

even at the risk of not wanting to hear it, the only option will be: “do a fresh installation instead”
In my opinion, your /e/OS data partition cannot work with the iodéOS instance

Hello Chris,

Have you try to reinstall a fresh install ?

try with Heimdall, read instructions for A5

Have a good day :grinning:

Hi guys,

really? I’m able to get it freshly installed, This is not the topic I’m talking about here.
Thanks for your time nevertheless!

kind regards

You can try to remove /data/system/locksettings.db, you should hopefully be able to get straight to the home screen – but expect more issues :wink:

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