The source of the filter lists / False positives

Is there anywhere I can view the filter lists and correct or delete any incorrect entries? I know that I can whitelist the entries in the iode blocker that I think are incorrect. However, I have already noticed a few sites that I seriously wonder why they are blocked. This page here is definitely wrong and should be removed from the blocklist urgently:

  • - This is an initiative that helps people who want to break with right-wing extremism and build a new life for themselves.

Although there is a link to a database in the FAQs, the link points to an empty page and is therefore not very helpful. (FAQ.

In general, it would be great if there was an easily accessible list with the reasons for the block and the possibility to discuss entries.


Oh, that’s not good. There can always be false positives and missing entries and you have to be able to report them somewhere. The firewall is a pretty central component of iodé and the filter lists shouldn’t be a black box.

The list can be found here:
The url you mention does not belong to it (at least for v5.0, v4.11, v2.21).

EDIT: this url is effectively blocked in the “sensitive content” additional list. It comes from this list that we aggregate with several other ones: Lists/porn.txt at master · blocklistproject/Lists · GitHub

We can remove false positives from our own list, but there is not yet an easy way to signal them for users.

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Thank you very much for your answer. That already helps, I can then submit a remove request on the github page.

Maybe you should also put a link to the lists in the FAQs on the website. The current information is not very helpful and in one case the link goes to an empty page

Same Problems for some websites.
I removed “sensitive content” blocking from the iode blocker for that browser.

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