Terminal app under iodéOS 2.2

Dear All,

some of you may have noticed that the terminal app that could be enabled per

Settings > System > Enhanced > Developer Options

under iodéOS 2.1, does no longer exist under iodéOS 2.2. This seems to be due to a decision made by the LineageOS team to remove this app from LineageOS 18.1 (as far as I know, iodéOS 2.x is based on LineageOS 18.1). Please see the statement of Nolen Johnson from the LineageOS team below: [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (All QCOM Variants)

As an alternative the app connectBot is mentioned in a commit of the LineageOS project under github. connectBot is (currently) actively maintained and can be installed from F-Droid. As I found out, in order to set up a local terminal in connectBot you have to specify:

Protocol = local
Host = localhost

Actually, it seems you can specify any name you like as Host. Only this field must not be empty. I chose “localhost” corresponding to the default name under Linux.

Of course, there are other maybe more powerful alternatives available, for example Termux, which can also be installed from F-Droid.

I hope this helps those of you, who need a local terminal as I do.


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