Teracube 2e offer/delivery confusion

Hello, i have ordered a Teracube 2E by iode. It was delivered with the soft backcase and a thin screen protector and a USB A-to-C cable. On the sales page was and is written:

In the box :

  • Biodegradable Phone Case

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The mistakes:

  1. On the product photos, there was a phone with the normal case and the “Biodegradable Phone Case”. The information “In the Box” includes only “Biodegradable Phone Case” and not “Phone” itself. By this, i think, the “Biodegradable Phone Case” was a additional gimmick and the phone have a normal phone case on which the “Biodegradable Phone Case” can be placed. However, under the “Biodegradable Phone Case” is no normal case, but the blank backside. That was a awkward surprising.

  2. You write (someplace), a screen protector is included. Teracube offers a Glass Screen Protector. By this, i think, youre deliver the phone with a Teracube Glass Screen Protector. The thin screen protector was not ideally placed. It has air bubbles.

  3. In the box is a USB A-to-C cable. Because, i haven’t a charger and USB A-to-C cable, i have ordered by teracube directly ($13.99 USD include shipping). Teracube offers only a charger with USB cable. Yet i have two USB cable. Is this in the sense for offering the phone without a charger?

Last but not least: The original teracube package was damaged, because it was delivered only in a thin plastic package. The delivery service has it squeezed into the mailbox through the narrow mailbox slot. But this was not the cause of the damage. The phone appears to have remained undamaged.