Teracube 2e (emerald) support from iodé


I have a Teracube 2e mobile (emerald) and iodéOS can be installed on it.

iodéOS latest version seems to be 2.11 (iode-2.11-20230401-emerald.zip) from April 2023.

As today iodé is developping iodéOS version 4 (based on Android 13). What does it mean for the support of Teracube 2e (based on Android 11) ?
Will you continue to provide new updates with regular Android security patches ?

Teracube is also finalyzing Android 12 firmware, so will iodé also upgrade to Android 12 (iodé v3) ?

Finally, my last question : can the bootloader be relocked after flashing iodéOS ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Hi, a new release has been pushed today, you should see it in your updater. We will continue to provide upgrades for all the devices we support, as long as possible. For 2e, there should be evolutions to more recent Android versions; and it effectively depends on Teracube advancement.

Thanks @vince31fr, this is good news !

In fact, I am actually running /e/OS on my Teracube 2e. So, would you recommend me to revert to Android Stock before installing iodéOS ?

I can’t find in the script flash-all.bat , any “fastboot flashing lock” command. So, the bootloader is left unlocked, right ?

I was able ro relock the bootloader when flashing /e/OS. So, can I relock the bootloader when flashing iodéOS by adding “fastboot flashing lock” command before latest “fastboot reboot” command ?

Something like :

fastboot flash tee tee.img
fastboot --skip-reboot -w update iode-2.12-20230628-emerald-img.zip
fastboot flashing lock
fastboot reboot

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.


I tried to install version 2.12 from stock rom bootloader unlocked and debug mode enabled, platform-tools fresh of the day, respecting the commands and running .bat script on windows 10 and sh on ubuntu 22.04.2 it doesn’t work.

I reinstalled the stock rom using the utility provided by teracube. I started the whole process again but typing the commands that are in the script on windows & ubuntu the same.

fastboot format:ext4 cache & fastboot --skip-reboot -w update iode-2.12-20230628-emerald-img.zip don’t work. The others do.

For the record, I’ve had no trouble installing /e/ with the commands, just to make it clear that I don’t think it’s a problem between the chair and the keyboard.

But in case it is, is it possible to have a more detailed step-by-step procedure for installing it?

Thanks in advance.

Hi re lock bootloader doesn’t work on iodeos for teracube it seems.

Other users have noticed the latest platform-tools can be buggy; it would be worth trying the previous version.

There is no mention of bootloader locking at the end of iodé install instructions for the Teracube and I assume it is not supported for this device.

It would be a pity because /e/OS supports both Bootloader relocking and Verified boot features for this model.

Hi everywher,

It look like teracube 2e have a A/B partition and a other problem is than the bootloader must be unlock for update.
Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

Sorry for answering a bit late…
No need to revert to stock, the rom embeds the correct firmware for that device.
And no, we actually do not support bootloader relocking on this device. Probably in a future release.