Supporting team

Should be there a support team who can help others

Is that a question or a statement?
What do you mean by that?

The community is the support team.
So far almost everyone has been helped.

There is the forum, the Matrix Channel and the Telegram group. Everyone can and is allowed to ask questions there and the members are eager to help.

What more do you expect?

But sometimes there are questions or problems that no one else has and therefore can’t help.

But you’re often at a losing position with the manufacturers themselves and you don’t get any help.

So this has nothing to do with “small” or “big”.

And, honestly, how is a customOS group, no matter what they’re called, supposed to set up a support team? Who only cares about problems. How will this be financed?

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I face this issue after updating 4.7 immediately so it must be errors on software as I think

How can I re install last v4. 7 update