Support for devices from l cheap brands like Infinix, Tecno, etc

I appreciate the thankless job you developers do building a privacy-friendly Android OS for smartphones.
I spend a lot of my residency in West African countries. Unfortunately, most of the smartphones easily obtainable in that market are non-popular brands like Infinix, Tecno, itel, vivo. These are also fairly affordable devices, hence their popularity in this third world region.
But none of these brands are supported by iodéOS or its upstream, LineageOS.
The third world is being consumed by Google and Apple’s surveillance and data abuse because the governtments don’t care to protect its citizens (e.g. EU’s GDPR), the States might benefit from it and the people are too poor and ignorant to even care.
Samsung is too pricey for some Android lovers and brands like Sony and Fairphone have to be bought online and imported since they’re not locally common devices.
If possible could iode developers consider supporting maybe a few devices from these locally popular brands? It could also help any future activism on privacy on this front if an activist could point out that their local device can be flashed with a privacy friendly OS.

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