Stuck during installation


I’m trying to install a Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro with this image: Release iodéOS 4.x for Xiaomi Mi 10T (+pro) · iodeOS/ota · GitHub

Unfortunately I can not get further than the FASTBOOTD screen, in the terminal it tells me:

Rebooting into fastboot
< waiting for any device >

On the phone I see the selection:

  • Reboot system now
  • Enter recovery
  • Reboot to bootloader
  • Power off

what’s next?

The script should continue to flash the device right through to the end when it will reboot, or ask you to reboot. No user interaction is required during flashing.

If it does not continue from that point, maybe unplug it , power off or reboot to bootloader from the fastbootd menu and try again with another cable or another port on your pc.

Is your fastboot package up to date/ latest?

I have now made it, on windows it did not run through on linux without any problems