Spotify does not run in the background

i have some issues with Spotify. It does not run well in the background.

I still hear the music, but can not controll it anymore via the Android “Dropdown” Menu. I still see the Spotify entry, but can not conmtrol i anymore. Same is with my headphones, i can hear the music but the controls are not working anymore. Spotify does not even show up on the lockscreen anymore, when it “dies” silenty in the background. In google Maps i can not use Spotify anymore, when it “dies”.

My solution so far:
I have to kill Spotify and then reopen it. Then it works for some times. But when i reopen spotify again some hours later, i have the same issues again. It is totally anoying behaviour. I already opt out the battery optimization for Spotify, did not help. Even reinstalling the app did not work.

Any ideas?

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I have the same problem on s10+. I have the problem for several months now, so it also occurred on older iode versions.

My workaround: deactivate all notifications for Spotify and activate them again.

Still really annoying

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Mine is a s10+ too.

I found out that the “misbehaviour” of Sporitfy starts when i close a running Spotify instance via the “App Overview” of all open apps. Then i still hear the music, but can not control Spotify anymore via the notification or other third party tools like external headphones.

Same problem here with a Fairphone 5 and IodéOS 5. It seems like a Lineage based OS problem because I have an old OnePlus 5 Pro with e/OS/ on it and the same problem occurs. If someone have a solution it would be a blessing cause it’s really a pain to have to kill the app and re-open it each time you need to use it …


Other annoying thing I have noticed: I can’t start video podcasts, even when I deactivate the video and just want to listen. Every podcast wich was uploaded as video podcast can’t be opened on my device

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Welcome to the club :-/

I did not try this yet, because i usually not listening or watching podcasts. Will try it and give you feedback.

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OK I have tried :

  • disabling battery optimisation
  • activating all notifications
  • activating access to all notifications
  • activating Spotify connect
    And no results so far.
    I think there’s perhaps something with MicroG and push notification because like h23hx said, switch notification on and off resolve the problem same as killing the app and launching it again …

OK the today’s update of iodé seems to have solved the problem :partying_face:

For me there is no update. iodé ist still Version 4.10 for me.

I think he means the beta update, not final yet. Still have to test if the issues is solved with iode 4.11
. I have other not Spotify related issues with the update (problems with MicroG and apps using google push fcm)


It’s actually Iodé OS 5 beta

Okay👍 but it seems that with the 4.11 beta the video pocast issue is also aolved. Still have to test the notification issue

I do have the same issue, and it is not a problem with the Spotify app - same happens with other media playback apps, the media miniplayer gets frozen under certain circumstances. As multiple users reported it on several different devices, it is most likely a problem iode.

Wich Iode version do you use?

I am using 4.10 on a Samsung S10

Okay, it seems that the issues is fixed with 4,.11 beta, so you could also try again with the final release of 4.11

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Thank you for the news. I am looking forward to it and hopefully it is fixed.

I have now been testing for a few days and the notification error has not occurred again (s10+ with 4.11)